eBook & Music Digital Production and Worldwide Distribution

In addition to all types of website work, we can produce high quality eBooks for you and also distribute your finished product worldwide.

We can directly distribute for you to Amazon.com and all other major online retailers such as Apple iBooks (with distribution to online stores in 51 countries), to Barnes & Noble in the US and UK, to Scribd, Oyster, Kobo, and to OverDrive, the world’s largest library eBook platform which serves over 20,000 libraries, and even more. That’s A LOT of distribution!

Similar to eBook production and distribution, we can also produce and distribute your original music for you. This can be done as either traditional CDs and/or as downloadable mp3 files. The worldwide distribution includes, but is not limited to, Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Google Play, Amazon MP3, to YouTube and more. Again, that’s A LOT of distribution!

Please contact us with your own unique details. Please also click through on the images below to see, read, and hear some samples of our work for the eBook play and music from LISTEN, the Musical by Andrew Jennings Dickerson.


LISTEN - MP3 Music Download

LISTEN – MP3 Free Music Download

LISTEN eBook Download

LISTEN – A Free eBook Download

Andrew Dickerson - Author and Composer

Author and Composer