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Boca Websites was incorporated in April of 1998.

We began by serving clients primarily in the Boca Raton, Palm Beach County area.  As time went on, we added clients from Miami to West Palm Beach and some international clients as well.  The Internet Archive Way Back Machine (Link)  has captured many of the early days of the Internet, including Boca Websites client base, as it existed back in May of 1999.  We’ve reproduced the text of that page here to preserve some of our early history!

wayback machine

Boca Websites’ Clients (May, 1999):

C & W Leasing | Corporate AirSearch International | Diversified Distributors Intl Inc | Five Star Database Marketing | Horizons International Corp | MBC Custom Cabinetry Inc | Mortgage Makers USA | Mundial Sports International | Palm Beach Gym & Fitness Center | Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park | Portraits & More | Schmidt, Raines, Trieste, Dickenson & Adams | Tony and Shelly Petrolia Real Estate

The Internet has dramatically altered the way ALL businesses conduct their affairs today. International aircraft dealers, local jewelers, waterfront property specialists, large and small accounting firms, mortgage companies, gyms, and even the Palm Beach Zoo have learned how to cost effectively promote their goods and services to a global market and you can too. Contact Boca Websites a: www.bocawebsites.com or phone (561) 488-1163 in Boca Raton, FL.

wordpressYes we are! This site, and most of the others we’ve built recently, use the WordPress database-driven foundation for all of the benefits that make WordPress the most widely used foundation on the Internet today. See all of the different features displayed on this and on our other sites.

Most would be very difficult, and much more costly, to develop on a non-WordPress foundation. Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

smart-phoneYes, we are. All of the sites we build, just like you see here on BocaWebsites.com, display well on PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones. View this site on any device and you will see the pages displayed properly for whatever size device you’re most comfortable accessing the web with. Give it a try and then Contact Us!

satisfaction-guaranteedOur pricing methods are based on the time and complexity of each project.  We build with a Satisfaction Guaranteed pledge to you.  You do not make your final payment to us until you’re satisfied with the work done for you.  We develop basic web pages fairly quickly and can also assist you with custom programming. For a no cost/no obligation quote, give us a call at (561) 488-1163 or use our Contact Us form.

We handle the full range of website development services including logos and graphic design, website development, website updating and more.  Give us a Call or Contact Us.